Dashboard overview


The dashboard is a section that provides crucial and up-to-date information about stEVER, including statistics such as Total Value Locked (TVL), price, Annual Percentage Yield (APY), and more. Additionally, it features a list of depools, transactions, and withdrawals.

Let's explore this section and delve into each block in detail:

General information

This block contains the main statistics of stEVER. Here you can find:

  • TVL - the current amount of EVER tokens used as a stake in exchange for stEVER and their dollar equivalent

  • Current price - the current price of stEVER in EVER tokens and its dollar equivalent

  • APY - the current yield from staking EVER, i.e., the annual percentage growth rate of the stEVER price

  • Holders - the current number of stEVER stakeholders

The right part of this block contains a TVL chart, which allows you to track the dynamics.

Participating Depools

The Participating Depools section displays a table with the following information:

  • Strategy: The strategy address. The strategy is a wrapper over the depool that simplifies the user interface and eliminates the complexity of working with depools.

  • Validator fee: Each validator sets their own fee for their work. The higher the fee, the more the validator earns, and the less the depool participants earn.

  • Depool Owner: The address of the depool owner.

  • Distribution Priority: Stakes are distributed according to fee level and amount of EVER. If a lot of tokens are unstaked, low priority validators may not receive tokens.

  • TVL, EVER: The amount of EVER staked in this depool.

It's important to note that users cannot choose their depool as the rates fluctuate daily based on the amount of liquidity and the number of users staking. This can result in users getting much less back than they initially anticipated. However, the stEVER token launch reduces this risk by implementing a balancer mechanism that keeps the APR as high as possible. The balancer manages stake distribution between depool contracts and ensures that the rounds are not overloaded, thus maintaining peak efficiency.

When you navigate to the page of any strategy, you will see the following information:

Strategy page

The page is divided into several blocks, each containing different information about the strategy.

  1. At the top of the page, there is a link to the strategy page and to the owner page on EVER Scan, as well as an indicator of the strategy's effectiveness.

  2. The effectiveness of the strategy depends on the Total Value Locked (TVL) and validator commissions, which determine the priority of token distribution. The lower the TVL and commissions, the higher the priority of receiving tokens, and vice versa. This system ensures that stakers with lower commissions and TVL will receive tokens first, reducing the risk of losing tokens when withdrawing them.

  3. Below is a chart displaying information about the TVL and depool commissions associated with this strategy.

  4. The page also displays the balance of rounds for this depool and a list of transactions.


Below is a block with a list of transactions related to this depool. The following information is displayed:

  • Initiator account address

  • Blockchain transaction ID

  • Transaction type: deposit/withdrawal

  • EVER amount

  • Transaction date and time

Note that you can use a filter for transaction types and switch to the strategy display mode.

Pending withdrawals

This block displays information about the withdrawals (unstakes) that have not yet been completed. It shows the initiating user's ID, the EVER amount currently being unlocked, and the transaction start date.

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